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Author Amanda L. White discusses her article, "Exploring Scope of Practice Issues for Correctional Facility Nurses in Montana."

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TVNM Editor Vicki Mayer interviews Wade Rathke about his article, which contrasts the caricature of HBO's "Treme" with the unique culture and people of New Orleans.

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Author Nicola Bowes discusses her article, "Treating Alcohol-Related Violence: Intermediate Outcomes in a Feasibility Study for a Randomized Controlled Trial in Prisons."

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Author Kirk Luther discusses his article, The Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System: A Test of Interrater Reliability.

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Author Douglas Marlowe discusses his article, Adaptive Programming Improves Outcomes in Drug Court: An Experimental Trial.

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Author Mary Held discusses her article, "Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care in Patient-Centered Medical Homes for Jail Releasees With Mental Illness."

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Author Everett Lehman discusses his article, "Compliance With Bloodborne Pathogen Standards at Eight Correctional Facilities."

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