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Author Ralph Weisheit discusses his article, "Crime and Place: Proximity and the Location of Methamphetamine Laboratories."

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Author Jaclyn Schildkraut discusses her article, "Murder in Black: A Media Distortion Analysis of Homicides in Baltimore in 2010."

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Author Jeffrey Walczyk discusses his article, "LIE Detection by Inducing Cognitive Load: Eye Movements and Other Cues to the False Answers of "Witnesses" to Crimes."

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Author Rebecca Campbell discusses her article, "Using Mixed Methods to Evaluate a Community Intervention for Sexual Assault Survivors: A Methodological Tale."

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Author Jenny Rinehart discusses her article, "The Effects of Male Attractiveness and Sexual Attitudes on Women's Risk Perception."

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Author Julian Ford discusses his article, "Complex Trauma and Aggression in Secure Juvenile Justice Settings."

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Author Neal Doran discusses his article, "Adolescent Substance Use and Aggression: A Review."

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Author Luna Munoz Centifanti discusses her article, "Callous-Unemotional Traits and Their Implication for Understanding and Treating Aggressive and Violent Youths."

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Author Suneeta Krishnan discusses her article, "An Intergenerational Women's Empowerment Intervention to Mitigate Domestic Violence: Results of a Pilot Study in Bengaluru, India."

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