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Dr. James Cantor, your host and Editor of Sexual Absue: A Journal of Research and Treatment (SAJRT), interviews Dr. Martin Lalumière and Dr. Qazi Rahman in this new SAJRT podcast on the study of paraphilic interests.

His first guest, Dr. Lalumière, is senior author of a new SAJRT study coauthored by Samantha Dawson and Brittany Bannerman, entitled, "Paraphilic Interests: An Examination of Sex Differences in a Nonclinical Sample." 


(Available OnlineFirst, here.)

Later in the podcast, Dr. Cantor is joined by Dr. Rahman, senior lecturer in the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London and a lead researcher in development of sexual interests, including paraphilia and notably, the biological basis of sexual orientation.


Posted August 28, 2014.

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