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Drs. Dawn Beichner and Rosemary Barberet discuss their guest-edited special issue "Prioritizing the Elimination of Violence Against Women Worldwide: Lessons From the 65th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women." This issue is also co-edited by Sheetal Ranja and was published in June 2022 issue of Violence Against Women.

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Nicola Carr interviews Keir Irwin-Rogers, winner of the Probation Journal’s best paper prize for 2017. Keir discusses his article ‘Staff Resident Relationships in Approved Premises – What a Difference a Door Makes’ and the insight behind it.

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Carrie Baker discusses her most recent article, Challenging Narratives of the Anti-Rape Movement's Decline.

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Stacy and John discuss their recent article, "Assessing the Impact of a Focused Deterrence Strategy to Combat Intimate Partner Domestic Violence."

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Ethan Czuy Levine discusses his most recent article, "Sexual Scripts and Criminal Statutes: Gender Restrictions, Spousal Allowances, and Victim Accountability After Rape Law Reform."

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In this podcast, Probation Journal editor Nicola Carr interviews Sarah Anderson, author of the 2016 Best Paper Prize winning article ‘The Value of Bearing Witness to Desistance’.

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Author Jennifer Carlson discusses her article, "The Equalizer? Crime, Vulnerability, and Gender in Pro-Gun Discourse" which was published in the January 2014 issue of Feminist Criminology and was awarded the journal's 2014 Best Article of the Year Award.

Alongside literature on how crime and crime control reproduce racial inequality, less attention has been paid to how the social construction of crime reproduces masculine priviledge. To address this gap, I examine 71 interviews with gun carriers. While gun carries actively promote guns to women, they tend to assume a masculine perspective on crime by emphasizing fast, warlike violence perpetrated by strangers - the kinds of crime men, as opposed to women, are likely to face. Extending theories of vulnerability to gun politics, I argue that the social construction of crime is a key vehicle through which gender is reproduced.

Read the article here.

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Paul Knepper, Editor of the European Journal of Criminology, talks to Daniel Seddig, winner of the European Society of Criminology’s Young Criminologist Award


Link to the associated article:

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Marcelo Aebi introduces the Special Issue on Comparative Criminology


Link to the associated article:

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Jan Van Dijk introduces his paper: ‘The case for survey-based comparative measures of crime’


Link to the associated article:

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Marcelo Aebi introduces the Special Issue on Comparative Criminology


Link to the associated article:

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Art Lurigio and Hank Steadman discuss the upcoming special issue for The Prison Journal, published January 2016. Art guest edited the issue and Hank is one of the featured authors.

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Author Andrea Nichols discusses her article, "Meaning-Making and Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy: An Examination of Feminist Identities, Ideologies, and Practices" which was published in the July 2013 issue of Feminist Criminology and was awarded the journal's 2013 Best Article of the Year Award. Abstract: Early domestic violence victim advocacy included survivor-defined, intersectional, and social change practices rooted in feminism. Yet, research specifically examining the ways that advocates identify with and make meaning of feminism, and the relationship of such meanings to advocates’ practices, is limited. Drawing from interviews with 26 domestic violence victim advocates, the interaction between feminist identity, ideology, and practices is examined. Findings indicated that advocates with feminist identities and ideologies held survivor-defined, social change, and intersectional approaches to advocacy. Nonfeminist advocates practiced survivor-defined advocacy, but did not maintain social change or intersectional practices. Implications for advocacy are provided.

Read the article here.

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Author Alessandra González discusses her recent article in Feminist Criminology, “How Women Engage Homegrown Terrorism.” The article, co-authored by Joshua Freilich and Steven Chermak, appears in the special November issue of the journal, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Women and Crime.

AbstractU.S. Extremist Crime Database (ECDB) Study data of homicides by far-right extremists and arsons and bombings by environmental and animal rights extremists suggest that compared with men, relationships are catalysts for women’s involvement in domestic terrorism; recruitment and opportunity differ by ideology and are not always effective in victimizing their intended hate group. We suggest an inter-disciplinary approach that considers criminological principles of strain theory along with sociological emphasis on gendered social networks and the strength of weak ties.


The article is currently available OnlineFirst.

For more information on the DWC’s 30th Anniversary, read about their Thirty Dollars for Thirty Years campaign here. Or, check out the DWC 30th Anniversary Issue: Growth & Diversity in Feminist Criminology, which will soon be available here.


Posted September 2014.

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Dr. James Cantor, your host and Editor of Sexual Absue: A Journal of Research and Treatment (SAJRT), interviews Dr. Martin Lalumière and Dr. Qazi Rahman in this new SAJRT podcast on the study of paraphilic interests.

His first guest, Dr. Lalumière, is senior author of a new SAJRT study coauthored by Samantha Dawson and Brittany Bannerman, entitled, "Paraphilic Interests: An Examination of Sex Differences in a Nonclinical Sample." 


(Available OnlineFirst, here.)

Later in the podcast, Dr. Cantor is joined by Dr. Rahman, senior lecturer in the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London and a lead researcher in development of sexual interests, including paraphilia and notably, the biological basis of sexual orientation.


Posted August 28, 2014.

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Author Traci Schlesinger discusses her podcast for the July 2013 issue, "Racial Disparities in Pretrial Diversion: An Analysis of Outcomes Among Men Charged With Felonies and Processed in State Courts."

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Author Jerome Himmselstein discusses his article from the October issue, "Hidden Choices and Missing Numbers: Selecting Drug Numbers for Media Attention."

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Author Louis Corsino discusses his article from the May 2013 issue, "THey Can't Shoot Everyone: Italians, Social Capital, and Organized Crime in the Chicago Outfit."

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Co-authors Dr. Leslie Liep and Dr. Jeanne Stinchcomb discuss their article in the June 2013 issue, "Should I Stay or Should I Go? Job satisfaction and Turnover Intent of Jail Staff throughout the United States."

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Author Sonya Wanklyn discusses her article, co-authored with David M. Day, Trevor A. Hart, and Todd A. Girard, "Cumulative Childhood Maltreatment and Depression Among Incarcerated Youth: Impulsivity and Hopelessness as Potential Intervening Variables".

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Joanna White discusses her article from the January 2013 issue, "Monstrous Fears: Experiences of Pregnancy and Opiate Use in Vietnam, and Strategies for Support."

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Author Patrizia Romito discusses her article from the January 2013 issue, "Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health Among Italian Adolescents: Gender Similarities and Differences."

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Author Lindsay Sewall discusses her article from the February 2013 issue, "A Test of Two Typologies of Sexual Homicide."

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Author Shana Maier discusses her article from the December 2012 issue, "The Complexity of Victim-Questioning Attitudes by Rape Victim Advocates: Exploring Some Gray Areas."

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Ted Goertzel discusses his article from the February 2013 issue, "Homicide Booms and Busts: A Small-N Comparative Historical Study."

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Author Brian Boutwell discusses his article from the February 2013 issue, "Life-Course Persistent Offenders and the Propensity to Commit Sexual Assault."

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Author Kim Anderson discusses her article from the November 2012 issue, "Recovery: Resilience and Growth in the Aftermath of Domestic Violence."

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Author Nena Messina, "Gender-Responsive Drug Court Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial."

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Author Soma Chaudhuri discusses her article, "Women as Easy Scapegoats: Witchcraft Accusations and Women as Targets in Tea Plantations of India."

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Author Stephen Wormith discusses his article, "The Predictive Validity of a General Risk/Needs Assessment Inventory on Sexual Offender Recidivism and an Exploration of the Professional Override."

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Author Shabnam Javdani discusses her article, "Examining Systems Change in the Response to Domestic Violence: Innovative Applications of Multilevel Modeling."

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Author Emily Wright discusses her article, "Gender-Responsive Lessons Learned and Policy Implications for Women in Prison: A Review."

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Author Holly Johnson discusses her article, "When Feminism Meets Evolutionary Psychology: The Enduring Legacy of Margo Wilson."

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Author Karl Hanson discusses his article, "Incentives for Offender Research Participation Are Both Ethical and Practical."

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Author Anthony Mannarino discusses his article, "Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Children: Sustained Impact of Treatment 6 and 12 Months Later."

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Author Molly Dragiewicz discusses her article, "Claims About Women’s Use of Non-fatal Force in Intimate Relationships: A Contextual Review of Canadian Research."

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Author Marianne Hester discusses her article, "Portrayal of Women as Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Perpetrators."

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Authors Barbara Ball and Linda Anne Valle discuss their article, "Expect Respect Support Groups: Preliminary Evaluation of a Dating Violence Prevention Program for At-Risk Youth."

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Author Conny Roggeband discusses her article, "Shifting Policy Responses to Domestic Violence in the Netherlands and Spain (1980-2009)."

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Author Bridie James discusses her article, "Cohabitation Is No Longer Associated With Elevated Spousal Homicide Rates in the United States."

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Author Vivienne Elizabeth discusses her article, "The Gendered Dynamics of Power in Disputes Over the Postseparation Care of Children."

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Author June Tangney discusses her article, "Reliability, Validity, and Predictive Utility of the 25-item Criminogenic Cognitions Scale (CCS)."

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Author Lana Zannettino discusses her article, "“ . . . There is No War Here; It is Only the Relationship That Makes Us Scared”: Factors Having an Impact on Domestic Violence in Liberian Refugee Communities in South Australia."

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Author Annette Christy discusses her article, "Challenges of Diverting Veterans to Trauma Informed Care: The Heterogeneity of Intercept 2"

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Author Pieter Baay discusses his article, "“Ex-Imprisoned Homicide Offenders: Once Bitten, Twice Shy?” The Effect of the Length of Imprisonment on Recidivism for Homicide Offenders."

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Author Joanne Belknap discusses her article, "Types of Intimate Partner Homicides Committed by Women: Self-Defense, Proxy/Retaliation, and Sexual Proprietariness."

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Author Danielle Davidov discusses her article, "Mandatory Reporting in the Context of Home Visitation Programs: Intimate Partner Violence and Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence."

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Author Tameka Gillum discusses her article, "“There’s So Much at Stake”-Sexual Minority Youth Discuss Dating Violence."

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Author Filomena Critelli discusses her article, "Voices of Resistance: Seeking Shelter Services in Pakistan."

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Author Ramadimetja Mogale discusses her article, "Violence Against Women in South Africa: Policy Position and Recommendations."

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Authors Iris Torchalla and Verena Strehlau discuss their article, "The Association Between Childhood Maltreatment Subtypes and Current Suicide Risk Among Homeless men and Women."

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Author Brian Boutwell discusses his article, "More Alike Than Different: Assortative Mating and Antisocial Propensity in Adulthood."

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Author Wendy Larcombe discusses her article, "Sex Offender Risk Assessment: The Need to Place Recidivism Research in the Context of Attrition in the Criminal Justice System."

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Authors Philip M Stinson and John Liederbach discuss their article, "Fox in the Henhouse: A Study of Police Officers Arrested for Crimes Associated With Domestic and/or Family Violence."

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Author Kristin Valentino discusses her article, "Intergenerational Continuity of Child Abuse Among Adolescent Mothers: Authoritarian Parenting, Community Violence, and Race."

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Author Sharon Howell Thompson discusses her article, "What Are We Feeding Our Inmates?"

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Author Michele Peterson-Badali discusses her article, "The Relationship Between Matching Service to Criminogenic Need and Recidivism in Male and Female Youth: Examining the RNR Principles in Practice."

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Author Carlos Cuevas discusses his article, "Interpersonal Victimization Among a National Sample of Latino Women."

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Author Bridget Freisthler discusses her article, "The Geography of Drug Market Activities and Child Maltreatment."

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Author Stephen Costanza discusses his article, "Street Gangs and Aggregate Homicides: An Analysis of Effects During the 1990s Violent Crime Peak."

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Author Ann Dirks Linhorst discusses her article, "Tough on Crime or Beating the System: An Evaluation of Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Murder Acquittees."

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Author Eric Lambert discusses his article, "Examining the Relationship Between Supervisor and Management Trust and Job Burnout Among Correctional Staff."

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Author Monica Clouse discusses her article, "Investigation of the Correlates and Effectiveness of a Prison-Based Wellness Program."

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Author Michael Rempel discusses his article, "Beyond Crime and Drug Use: Do Adult Drug Courts Produce Other Psychosocial Benefits?"

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Author Ralph Weisheit discusses his article, "Crime and Place: Proximity and the Location of Methamphetamine Laboratories."

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Author Jaclyn Schildkraut discusses her article, "Murder in Black: A Media Distortion Analysis of Homicides in Baltimore in 2010."

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Author Jeffrey Walczyk discusses his article, "LIE Detection by Inducing Cognitive Load: Eye Movements and Other Cues to the False Answers of "Witnesses" to Crimes."

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Author Jenny Rinehart discusses her article, "The Effects of Male Attractiveness and Sexual Attitudes on Women's Risk Perception."

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Author Rebecca Campbell discusses her article, "Using Mixed Methods to Evaluate a Community Intervention for Sexual Assault Survivors: A Methodological Tale."

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Author Julian Ford discusses his article, "Complex Trauma and Aggression in Secure Juvenile Justice Settings."

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Author Neal Doran discusses his article, "Adolescent Substance Use and Aggression: A Review."

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Author Luna Munoz Centifanti discusses her article, "Callous-Unemotional Traits and Their Implication for Understanding and Treating Aggressive and Violent Youths."

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Author Suneeta Krishnan discusses her article, "An Intergenerational Women's Empowerment Intervention to Mitigate Domestic Violence: Results of a Pilot Study in Bengaluru, India."

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Author Duncan McDuie-Ra discusses his article, "Violence Against Women in the Militarized Indian Frontier: Beyond “Indian Culture” in the Experiences of Ethnic Minority Women."

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Author Amanda L. White discusses her article, "Exploring Scope of Practice Issues for Correctional Facility Nurses in Montana."

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TVNM Editor Vicki Mayer interviews Wade Rathke about his article, which contrasts the caricature of HBO's "Treme" with the unique culture and people of New Orleans.

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Author Nicola Bowes discusses her article, "Treating Alcohol-Related Violence: Intermediate Outcomes in a Feasibility Study for a Randomized Controlled Trial in Prisons."

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Author Kirk Luther discusses his article, The Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System: A Test of Interrater Reliability.

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Author Douglas Marlowe discusses his article, Adaptive Programming Improves Outcomes in Drug Court: An Experimental Trial.

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Author Mary Held discusses her article, "Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care in Patient-Centered Medical Homes for Jail Releasees With Mental Illness."

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Author Everett Lehman discusses his article, "Compliance With Bloodborne Pathogen Standards at Eight Correctional Facilities."

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Author Dr. Allison Redlich discusses her article, "Is Diversion Swift?: Comparing Mental Health Court and Traditional Criminal Justice Processing."

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Author Whitney Gunter discusses his article, Desisting From Prescription Drug Abuse: An Application of Growth Models to Rx Opioid Users

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Author Dr. Erin Espinosa discusses her article, "Preliminary Outcomes of a Pre-Adjudication Diversion Initiative for Juvenile Justice Involved Youth with Mental Health Needs In Texas"

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Authors Dr. Robert Trestan and Karen Kesten discuss their article, "Recidivism Rates Among Mentally Ill Inmates: Impact of the Connecticut Offender Reentry Program"

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Author Elizabeth Marlow discusses her article, "Nonviolent Communication Training and Empathy in Male Parolees."

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An interview with the author of "Considering the Pedophile Subculture Online"

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Authors April Zeoli and Hannah Brennder discuss article, "A Summary and Analysis of Warrantless Arrest Statutes for Domestic Violence in the United States."

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An interview with the author of "Circles of Support & Accountability: A Canadian National Replication of Outcome Findings."

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Author Emily Putnam-Hornstein discusses her article, "Report of Maltreatment as a Risk Factor for Injury Death: A Prospective Birth Cohort Study."

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Author Eyitayo Onifade discusses his article, "Multilevel Recidivism Prediction: Incorporating Neighborhood Socioeconomic Ecology in Juvenile Justice Risk Assessment."

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Author Toya Z. Like podcast discusses her process in writing the article and its relationship to her work at large.

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Exploring Sex Disparity in Sentencing Outcomes: A Focus on Narcotics Offenders in South Korea

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Sexual assault programming is often delivered without a theoretical framework and does not typically utilize applicable research that could help to induce change among participants.

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Using qualitative data from a sample of 132 federal and state corrections officers in Seattle, Washington, this investigation advances previous research by examining officers' perceptions of social distance with their clients.

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Author Heith Copes discusses his article, "Understanding Identity Theft: Offenders' Accounts of Their Lives and Crimes."

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An interview with the author of "How Safe Are Trick-or-Treaters? An Analysis of Child Sex Crime Rates on Halloween."

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