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Author Karl Hanson discusses his article, "Incentives for Offender Research Participation Are Both Ethical and Practical."

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Author Anthony Mannarino discusses his article, "Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Children: Sustained Impact of Treatment 6 and 12 Months Later."

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Author Marianne Hester discusses her article, "Portrayal of Women as Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Perpetrators."

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Author Molly Dragiewicz discusses her article, "Claims About Women’s Use of Non-fatal Force in Intimate Relationships: A Contextual Review of Canadian Research."

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Authors Barbara Ball and Linda Anne Valle discuss their article, "Expect Respect Support Groups: Preliminary Evaluation of a Dating Violence Prevention Program for At-Risk Youth."

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Author Conny Roggeband discusses her article, "Shifting Policy Responses to Domestic Violence in the Netherlands and Spain (1980-2009)."

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Author Bridie James discusses her article, "Cohabitation Is No Longer Associated With Elevated Spousal Homicide Rates in the United States."

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Author Vivienne Elizabeth discusses her article, "The Gendered Dynamics of Power in Disputes Over the Postseparation Care of Children."

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Author June Tangney discusses her article, "Reliability, Validity, and Predictive Utility of the 25-item Criminogenic Cognitions Scale (CCS)."

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Author Lana Zannettino discusses her article, "“ . . . There is No War Here; It is Only the Relationship That Makes Us Scared”: Factors Having an Impact on Domestic Violence in Liberian Refugee Communities in South Australia."

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Author Annette Christy discusses her article, "Challenges of Diverting Veterans to Trauma Informed Care: The Heterogeneity of Intercept 2"

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Author Pieter Baay discusses his article, "“Ex-Imprisoned Homicide Offenders: Once Bitten, Twice Shy?” The Effect of the Length of Imprisonment on Recidivism for Homicide Offenders."

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Author Joanne Belknap discusses her article, "Types of Intimate Partner Homicides Committed by Women: Self-Defense, Proxy/Retaliation, and Sexual Proprietariness."

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Author Danielle Davidov discusses her article, "Mandatory Reporting in the Context of Home Visitation Programs: Intimate Partner Violence and Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence."

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Author Tameka Gillum discusses her article, "“There’s So Much at Stake”-Sexual Minority Youth Discuss Dating Violence."

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Author Filomena Critelli discusses her article, "Voices of Resistance: Seeking Shelter Services in Pakistan."

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Author Ramadimetja Mogale discusses her article, "Violence Against Women in South Africa: Policy Position and Recommendations."

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Authors Iris Torchalla and Verena Strehlau discuss their article, "The Association Between Childhood Maltreatment Subtypes and Current Suicide Risk Among Homeless men and Women."

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Author Brian Boutwell discusses his article, "More Alike Than Different: Assortative Mating and Antisocial Propensity in Adulthood."

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Author Wendy Larcombe discusses her article, "Sex Offender Risk Assessment: The Need to Place Recidivism Research in the Context of Attrition in the Criminal Justice System."

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Authors Philip M Stinson and John Liederbach discuss their article, "Fox in the Henhouse: A Study of Police Officers Arrested for Crimes Associated With Domestic and/or Family Violence."

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Author Kristin Valentino discusses her article, "Intergenerational Continuity of Child Abuse Among Adolescent Mothers: Authoritarian Parenting, Community Violence, and Race."

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Author Sharon Howell Thompson discusses her article, "What Are We Feeding Our Inmates?"

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Author Michele Peterson-Badali discusses her article, "The Relationship Between Matching Service to Criminogenic Need and Recidivism in Male and Female Youth: Examining the RNR Principles in Practice."

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Author Carlos Cuevas discusses his article, "Interpersonal Victimization Among a National Sample of Latino Women."

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Author Bridget Freisthler discusses her article, "The Geography of Drug Market Activities and Child Maltreatment."

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Author Stephen Costanza discusses his article, "Street Gangs and Aggregate Homicides: An Analysis of Effects During the 1990s Violent Crime Peak."

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Author Ann Dirks Linhorst discusses her article, "Tough on Crime or Beating the System: An Evaluation of Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Murder Acquittees."

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Author Eric Lambert discusses his article, "Examining the Relationship Between Supervisor and Management Trust and Job Burnout Among Correctional Staff."

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Author Monica Clouse discusses her article, "Investigation of the Correlates and Effectiveness of a Prison-Based Wellness Program."

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Author Michael Rempel discusses his article, "Beyond Crime and Drug Use: Do Adult Drug Courts Produce Other Psychosocial Benefits?"

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Author Ralph Weisheit discusses his article, "Crime and Place: Proximity and the Location of Methamphetamine Laboratories."

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Author Jaclyn Schildkraut discusses her article, "Murder in Black: A Media Distortion Analysis of Homicides in Baltimore in 2010."

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Author Jeffrey Walczyk discusses his article, "LIE Detection by Inducing Cognitive Load: Eye Movements and Other Cues to the False Answers of "Witnesses" to Crimes."

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Author Rebecca Campbell discusses her article, "Using Mixed Methods to Evaluate a Community Intervention for Sexual Assault Survivors: A Methodological Tale."

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Author Jenny Rinehart discusses her article, "The Effects of Male Attractiveness and Sexual Attitudes on Women's Risk Perception."

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Author Julian Ford discusses his article, "Complex Trauma and Aggression in Secure Juvenile Justice Settings."

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Author Neal Doran discusses his article, "Adolescent Substance Use and Aggression: A Review."

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Author Luna Munoz Centifanti discusses her article, "Callous-Unemotional Traits and Their Implication for Understanding and Treating Aggressive and Violent Youths."

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Author Suneeta Krishnan discusses her article, "An Intergenerational Women's Empowerment Intervention to Mitigate Domestic Violence: Results of a Pilot Study in Bengaluru, India."

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Author Duncan McDuie-Ra discusses his article, "Violence Against Women in the Militarized Indian Frontier: Beyond “Indian Culture” in the Experiences of Ethnic Minority Women."

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Author Amanda L. White discusses her article, "Exploring Scope of Practice Issues for Correctional Facility Nurses in Montana."

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TVNM Editor Vicki Mayer interviews Wade Rathke about his article, which contrasts the caricature of HBO's "Treme" with the unique culture and people of New Orleans.

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Author Nicola Bowes discusses her article, "Treating Alcohol-Related Violence: Intermediate Outcomes in a Feasibility Study for a Randomized Controlled Trial in Prisons."

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Author Kirk Luther discusses his article, The Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System: A Test of Interrater Reliability.

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Author Douglas Marlowe discusses his article, Adaptive Programming Improves Outcomes in Drug Court: An Experimental Trial.

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Author Mary Held discusses her article, "Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care in Patient-Centered Medical Homes for Jail Releasees With Mental Illness."

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Author Everett Lehman discusses his article, "Compliance With Bloodborne Pathogen Standards at Eight Correctional Facilities."

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Author Dr. Allison Redlich discusses her article, "Is Diversion Swift?: Comparing Mental Health Court and Traditional Criminal Justice Processing."

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Author Whitney Gunter discusses his article, Desisting From Prescription Drug Abuse: An Application of Growth Models to Rx Opioid Users

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Author Dr. Erin Espinosa discusses her article, "Preliminary Outcomes of a Pre-Adjudication Diversion Initiative for Juvenile Justice Involved Youth with Mental Health Needs In Texas"

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Authors Dr. Robert Trestan and Karen Kesten discuss their article, "Recidivism Rates Among Mentally Ill Inmates: Impact of the Connecticut Offender Reentry Program"

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Author Elizabeth Marlow discusses her article, "Nonviolent Communication Training and Empathy in Male Parolees."

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