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An interview with the author of "Considering the Pedophile Subculture Online"

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Authors April Zeoli and Hannah Brennder discuss article, "A Summary and Analysis of Warrantless Arrest Statutes for Domestic Violence in the United States."

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An interview with the author of "Circles of Support & Accountability: A Canadian National Replication of Outcome Findings."

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Author Emily Putnam-Hornstein discusses her article, "Report of Maltreatment as a Risk Factor for Injury Death: A Prospective Birth Cohort Study."

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Author Eyitayo Onifade discusses his article, "Multilevel Recidivism Prediction: Incorporating Neighborhood Socioeconomic Ecology in Juvenile Justice Risk Assessment."

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Author Toya Z. Like podcast discusses her process in writing the article and its relationship to her work at large.

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Exploring Sex Disparity in Sentencing Outcomes: A Focus on Narcotics Offenders in South Korea

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Sexual assault programming is often delivered without a theoretical framework and does not typically utilize applicable research that could help to induce change among participants.

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Using qualitative data from a sample of 132 federal and state corrections officers in Seattle, Washington, this investigation advances previous research by examining officers' perceptions of social distance with their clients.

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